Last updated: January 14, 2022. Now featuring 16,436 IDs!

Iíve been actively taping IDs from the radio and television for over 35 years. These pages are an audio gallery of IDs I recorded either from home or on the road. NONE of these IDs come from recording Internet audio streams or from another collector; this is all ME!

Back when I first started I'd carry along a boombox with cassette deck on it. Now I carry multiple mp3 players with FM recording capabilities-they take up much less space and allow me to easily record multiple stations simultaneously. I use a digital voice recorder for the weather radio IDs, and I use my laptop or DVD recorder to capture TV video. I use Cool Edit software to edit the audio files down to just the station IDs that are featured here.

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Recent Updates

January 14, 2022 - Added 509 IDs

A total of 416 FM IDs from 2021, plus 93 NWR IDs, mostly from 2021 but a few from the 1980s and 1990s.

August 10, 2021 - Added 1,071 IDs

A total of 1,029 FM IDs from 2020 and 2001, plus 42 NWR IDs.

April 15, 2020 - Added 1,308 IDs

A total of 1,170 FM IDs from 2018 through early 2020, plus 137 NWR IDs and 1 TV ID.

February 3, 2018 - Added 1,765 IDs

A total of 1,749 FM IDs from 2015 through January, 2018 plus 16 recent NWR IDs from the past 3 months.

November 10, 2017 - Added 209 IDs

NOAA Weather Radio ID's from 2016 and 2017.

March 13, 2015 - Added 1,497 IDs

Added in all 2013 and 2014 IDs, plus a few from early 2015. I'm finally caught up on all previous trips!

February 27, 2005 - Added 146 IDs

Added October, 2012 IDs from trip to TN/AL/MS.

February 25, 2005 - Added 1,214 IDs

It's a work in progress... but I'm getting caught up after all these years. I still have 2013-2015 to go, but 2010-summer 2012 is done now!

February, 2010-Added 513 IDs

Updates include IDs from the July '09 trip to Arizona, August '09 to New York City, and January '10 to Atlanta, GA, as well as some recent local IDs, as it had been 5 years since I gathered up the locals.

February, 2009-...and 3 makes 8,000!

After being 9 months behind, I finally got the preceding 6 trips edited, and then after gathering a few DX IDs, found I was at 7,997 IDs. So I taped 3 more off the tuner to get to the nice, round 8,000. Which was ID #8,000, you ask? It's KTWI-93.3, Bennington, NE, recorded February 15th, 2009.

January, 2009-Chicago, IL

A quick 3-day weekend, spending time in the Aurora/Naperville, where most Chicago FMs were audible but not of perfect quality.

December, 2008-Virginia/North Carolina

Home for Christmas, taking I-70 then I-64 and down I-75 through Kentucky. After some time in northeast Tennessee, a trip to finish my counties in Virginia and North Carolina, covering the coastal areas of both states, before heading west. A long overdue trip through Raleigh and central North Carolina, before a more traditional drive back through Tennessee and then up to St. Louis, with a detour to take US 36 across northern Missouri.

November, 2008-Texas and Oklahoma

Central and southwest Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and southwest Kansas.

July, 2008-New York

A tour of northern lower Michigan, followed by southern Ontario, western New York, some time in the Utica area, then back through northern Pennsylvania and north central parts Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and southern Iowa.

May, 2008-Montana/Alberta

Driving through the central Dakotas, the "Hi-Line" of Montana, and parts of Alberta and British Columbia.

April, 2008-Boulder, CO

A week in Boulder, followed by driving through the southwest part of the state to finish visiting all the counties.

Feburary, 2008-TV catch up

Finally some time to go through all the DVDs and VHS tapes of station IDs from roughly 15 years of trips. The end result is over 250 new TV audio IDs, which include all the 2007 trips, and New Orleans 2008 too.

January, 2008-New Orleans, LA

Darn, I had to go to New orleans on business! I returned with nearly 250 IDs, primarily from Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. I missed a few New Orleans IDs. I only tried once for most of them during our 5 night stay, and a few must ID quite far from the top of the hour. For all attempts I average about a 75% hit rate, but without time to edit these on the road, it's easy to be disappointed at what you miss when you finally edit the files, now that you're home and can't try again. Usually the problem is a moving car so the signals fade, but sometimes you have a perfect signal and recording from :45 to :05 after the hour STILL isn't enough, sigh.

December, 2007-Tennessee

Home for Christmas, but a more northerly route through Illinois, Indiana and Cincinnati, along with eastern Kentucky. The route back included northwest Tennessee and central Missouri, including a night at Lake of the Ozarks.

November, 2007-Texas and Oklahoma

99 new IDs from Texas, and 65 from Oklahoma. We skirted the D/FW Metroplex, so most of the IDs are from smaller towns. I really prefer the small market IDs to the larger ones. We spent nights in Tyler, Brownwood and Vernon, Texas.

Mid-2007 travels

May trip to Washington/Oregon, June to Park City, UT and Yellowstone/Grand Teton NPs, and August to Monterey, CA on business, with side trips to Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs. A VERY busy few months resulting in over 600 new IDs, including over 240 from northern and central California. Dozens of new IDs from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

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