I have been listening to, and recording, NOAA Weather Radio since I got my first weather radio (the old Radio Shack cube) in 1980. Below are some programming loops and notable weather broadcasts, in .mp3 format, of weather radio stations that I have recorded over the years in the US and Canada.

I have two sections below. First is a collection of full, recent loops of NWR broadcasts, spotlighted as one loop per NWS office, to give an idea as to how the stations' programming differs from office to office. These are in alphabetical order by the three-letter identifier used by the NWS office.

Second is a sample of older programming loops, most of which with human voices rather than computer audio. These are listed in chronological order, oldest first.

In both tables, click the call letters to access the audio file. If you are looking for station identifications, while some are included in the files below, the full collection of them is accessible from my station IDs page.

Calls-FreqCity, STMonth/(Day/)YearLength
KIG79-162.550Nashville, TN07/198302:36
WXK87-162.475Clinton, OK06/20/198403:44
KBA99-162.550Honolulu, HI03/199111:05
WXK95-162.400Chanute, KS02/29/199202:21
WXJ21-162.550Greenville, SC03/07/199205:53
KEC95-162.400Myrtle Beach, SC05/199205:22
KHB35-162.475Boston, MA05/199207:09
KHB34-162.550Miami, FL01/199303:13
WXL81-162.550Jamestown, ND03/199302:25
WXM56-162.475Colorado Springs, CO03/199302:38
WXM63-162.550Rapid City, SD03/199302:34
WXK93-162.475Dodge City, KS03/199303:38
KIH55-162.400Montgomery, AL07/23/199304:09
WXK74-162.475Monticello, IN08/10/199301:49
KIH61-162.400Omaha, NE08/11/199301:49
WXJ85-162.550Clarksburg, WV08/18/199301:57
WXJ51-162.550Jonesboro, AR01/199404:06
WXJ96-162.550Monroe, LA01/199403:29
WXL58-162.550Raleigh, NC05/28/199404:09
KIH38-162.400Jackson, MS07/30/199403:12
WXK28-162.475Beaumont, TX09/02/199404:29
KEC92-162.475Salisbury, MD11/13/199405:34
KIH22-162.400Traverse City, MI01/199503:52
WXL55-162.400Williamsport, PA05/27/199706:41
WXK41-162.475Rochester, MN07/03/199803:41
WXL67-162.475Scottsbluff, NE6/199903:40
WXL27-162.550Billings, MT10/199903:40
WWF56-162.450Richland, WA10/199906:15
WXK79-162.400Lubbock, TX02/200003:08
VAM594-162.550Yorkton, SK05/200004:35
WXJ88-162.400Menomonie, WI09/04/200003:08
KIG78-162.400Coachella, CA05/200103:50
XLJ938-162.475North Bay, ON09/200404:15
WXJ86-162.550La Crosse, WI03/03/201404:58
KXI98-162.500Marshalltown, IA03/22/201405:47
WXL61-162.475Cedar Rapids, IA03/22/201403:44
WXL62-162.475Sioux City, IA01/01/201404:47
WXL74-162.400Grand Island, NE03/29/201407:41
WXJ89-162.475Wausau, WI03/02/201405:54
WXN72-162.500Merna/Broken Bow, NE03/29/201406:58
WXJ87-162.550Madison, WI03/01/201407:24
WXK40-162.400Janesville/Mankato, MN03/04/201403:44