Madison Edition

Channel listings are in chronological order, newest first.


 -Madison-                           -Milwaukee- 

 3 WISC (CBS)                        4 WTMJ (NBC)  
15 WMTV (NBC)                        6 WITI (Fox)       
21 WHA (PBS)                        10 WMVS (PBS)         
27 WKOW (ABC)                       12 WISN (ABC)    
47 WMSN (Fox)                       18 WVTV (WB)         
57 WHPN (UPN)                       24 WCGV (UPN)     
                                    36 WMVT (PBS)                   
                                    55 WPXE (PAX)                                         
                                    58 WDJT (CBS)                                         

In addition to the listings herein, Chs. 21 and 36 schedule
instructional classroom programs during the school year.

WVCY, Ch. 30 in Milwaukee, offers religious programming.

Though not listed in this edition, WJJA, Ch. 49 in Racine is 
available to some viewers and carries Home Shopping Network 
programs seven days a week.