Mountain Time Zone Edition

Channel listings are in chronological order, newest first.


-------------------------- Broadcast Stations --------------------------

            ABC  CBS  FOX  NBC  PAX (Grid Only) PBS  UPN  WB                        

------------------------------- Cable TV -------------------------------

CNB  CNBC                           MTV  MTV              
CNN  Cable News Network             NIK  Nickelodeon
DIS  The Disney Channel             SHO  Showtime
ESN  ESPN                           TBS  TBS SuperStation
FAM  ABC Family                     TNT  Turner Network Television
FNC  Fox News Channel               TVG  The TV GUIDE Channel
HBO  HBO                            USA  USA Network
LIF  Lifetime                       VH1  VH1

-------------------- Extra Listings in Grids Only ---------------------

A&E  A&E Network                    HBO2 HBO2     
AMC  AMC                            HBOS HBO Signature
APL  Animal Planet                  HIS  The History Channel
BET  BET                            MAX  Cinemax
BRV  Bravo                          MMX  MoreMax
CAR  Cartoon Network                MSN  MSNBC
CMT  Country Music Television       QVC  QVC
COM  Comedy Central                 SCI  Sci-Fi Channel
CRT  Court TV                       SH2  Showtime Too
DSC  Discovery Channel              SND  Sundance Channel
E!   E! Entertainment Television    STZ  Starz!          
ENC  Encore                         TCM  Turner Classic Movies
ES2  ESPN2                          TLC  TLC
FMC  Fox Movie Channel              TMC  The Movie Channel
FX   FX                             TNN  The National Network
GSN  Game Show Network              TVF  Food Network
H&G  Home & Garden Television       TVL  TV Land
HAL  Hallmark Channel               WGN  WGN
HBOF HBO Family                     


                         * Broadcast Stations *

                    ABC  CBS  FOX  NBC  PBS  UPN  WB

*       Cable TV       *  *           Extra Listings in Grids Only           *

CAR  Cartoon Network      A&E  A&E Network          HBOP HBO Plus
CNB  CNBC                 AMC  Am. Movie Classics   HBOS HBO Signature
CNN  Cable News Network   AP   Animal Planet        HIS  The History Channel
DIS  The Disney Channel   BET  Black Ent. Tel.      MAX  Cinemax  
E!   E! Entertainment     BRV  Bravo                MMX  MoreMax
     Television           CMT  Country Music Tel.   MSN  MSNBC
ENC  Encore               COM  Comedy Central       PAX  PAX-TV
ESN  ESPN                 CRT  Court TV             SCI  Sci-Fi Channel
FAM  The Family Channel   ES2  ESPN 2               SH2  Showtime 2
FNC  Fox News Channel     FMC  Fox Movie Channel    SND  Sundance Channel
HBO  Home Box Office      FX   FX                   TCM  Turner Classic Mov.
LIF  Lifetime             GSN  Game Show Network    TMC  The Movie Channel
MTV  Music Television     H&G  Home & Garden Tel.   TVF  Food Network
NIK  Nickelodeon          HBOF HBO Family
SHO  Showtime
STZ  Starz!
TBS  TBS SuperStation
TLC  Learning Channel
TNN  Nashville Network
TNT  Turner Network Tel.
TVG  TV Guide Channel
TVL  TV Land
USA  USA Network
VH1  VH1