AT&T-Western Massachusetts Edition

Channel listings are in chronological order, newest first.

Cable systems listed: Agawam/S. Hadley, Amherst/Pelham, Bernardston/Northfield, Chester/Huntington/Westhampton, Conway/ Deerfield/Sunderland/Whately, Granby/Southwick/W. Springfield/Westfield, Granville, Greenfield/Montague/Erving/Gill, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Northampton/Hatfield/Williamsburg, Palmer/Monson, Shelburne/Buckland, Springfield, Ware/Warren/Hardwick.


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  3  WFSB (CBS) Hartford          |  38  WSBK (UPN) Boston
  4  WBZ (CBS) Boston             |  40  WGGB (ABC) Springfield
  5  WCVB (ABC) Boston            |  57  WGBY (PBS) Springfield
  7  WHDH (NBC) Boston            |  61  WTIC (Fox) Hartford
  8  WTNH (ABC) New Haven         |      WDMR (Ind.) Ch. 65, Springfield
 22  WWLP (NBC) Springfield       | CPTV Connecticut Public Tel. (PBS)
 30  WVIT (NBC) Hartford          |

WB  The WB Network is available on most of the AT&T cable systems in the
Springfield-Holyoke area and uses WBQT for its local station identification.

CPTV  Connecticut Public Television telecasts on WEDH (Ch. 24, Hartford);
WEDN (Ch. 53, Norwich); WEDW (Ch. 49, Fairfield County); and W12BH
(Ch. 12, Waterbury).

The following channels may be available to some viewers:
20 WTXX (WB) Waterbury               59 WCTX (UPN) New Haven

MediaOne-Western Massachusetts Edition

Cable systems listed: Agawam/S. Hadley, Amherst/Pelham, Bernardston/Northfield, Chester/Huntington/Westhampton/Whately, Conway/ Deerfield/Sunderland, E. Granby/E. Windsor/Granby CT, Granby/Southwick/ W. Springfield/Westfield, Granville, Greenfield/Montague/Erving/Gill, Holland, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Northampton/Hatfield/Williamsburg, Palmer/ Monson, Shelburne/Buckland, Springfield, Ware/Warren/Hardwick.


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     WGBH (PBS) Ch. 2 Boston      |      WUNI (Ind.) Ch.27, Worcester 
  3  WFSB (CBS) Hartford          |  30  WVIT (NBC) Hartford
  4  WBZ (CBS) Boston             |  38  WSBK (UPN) Boston
  5  WCVB (ABC) Boston            |  40  WGGB (ABC) Springfield 
  7  WHDH (NBC) Boston            |      WEKW (PBS) Ch. 52, Keene, NH 
  8  WTNH (ABC) New Haven         |  56  WLVI (WB) Boston   
     WCDC (ABC) Ch. 19, Adams, MA |  57  WGBY (PBS) Springfield
 20  WTXX (UPN) Waterbury, CT     |  59  WBNE (WB) Hartford     
 22  WWLP (NBC) Springfield       |  61  WTIC (Fox) Hartford 
 24  WEDH (PBS) Hartford          |      W65BX (Ind.) Springfield 
     WFXT (Fox) Ch. 25, Boston    |      WDMR (Ind.)Ch.65, Springfield
     WTWS (Ind.)Ch.26,NewLondon,CT|