British Columbia Edition

Channel listings are in chronological order, newest first. Logos from an issue appear after its respective channel listings.

Cable systems listed: Vancouver (includes: Abbotsford/ Burnaby/Coquitlam/Fraser/Maple Ridge/Langley/Matsqui/Mission/ New Westminster/Pitt Meadows/Port Coquitlam/Port Moody/Richmond/ Surrey/North Shore/North Burnaby/White Rock/North & West Vancouver), Agassiz/Harrison Springs, Campbell River, Castlegar/Nelson/Trail, Chilliwack/Sardis, Courtenay/Comox/Powell River, Cranbrook/Creston (Shaw), Delta, Duncan/Lake Cowichan, Hope, Kamloops, Kelowna/Penticton, Nanaimo/Ladysmith/Parksville, New Westminster, North Burnaby, North Vancouver/West Vancouver, Port Alberni, Prince George, Sunshine Coast, Surrey/Langley, Vernon, Victoria Royal Oak (Shaw), White Rock.



 2 CBUT (CBC)                        2 KREM (CBS)
 6 CHEK (CTV)                        4 KXLY (ABC)
 8 GLOBAL                            4 KOMO (ABC)
10 CITY Vancouver (Ind.)             4 WDIV (NBC)
10 CFTM (TVA)                        5 KING (NBC)
10 NOW TV                            7 KIRO (CBS)
11 CH Television (Ind.)              9 KCTS (PBS)
13 CITV (Ind.)                      11 KSTW (UPN)
17 CIVI                             12 KVOS (Ind.)
26 CBUF (SRC)                       13 KCPQ (FOX)
32 BC CTV                           28 KAYU (FOX)
                                    31 WUHF (FOX)
                                    56 WTVS (PBS)
                                    WXYZ (ABC)

Cable systems listed: Vancouver (includes: Abbotsford/ Burnaby/Coquitlam/Fraser/Maple Ridge/Matsqui/Mission/Pitt Meadows/ Port Coquitlam/Port Moody/Richmond), Agassiz/Harrison Springs, Campbell River, Castlegar/Nelson/Trail, Chilliwack/Sardis, Courtenay/Comox/Powell River, Cranbrook/Creston (Shaw), Delta, Duncan/Lake Cowichan, Hope, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo/Ladysmith/Parksville, New Westminster, North Burnaby, North Vancouver/West Vancouver, Port Alberni, Prince George, Sunshine Coast, Surrey/Langley, Vernon, Victoria Royal Oak (Shaw), White Rock.



 2 CBUT (CBC)                        2 KREM (CBS)
 6 CHEK (CTV)                        4 KXLY (ABC)
 8 BCTV (CTV)                        4 KOMO (ABC)
10 GLOBAL                            4 WDIV (NBC)
10 CFTM (TVA)                        5 KING (NBC)
11 ONtv (Ind.)                       7 KIRO (CBS)
13 CITV (Ind.)                       9 KCTS (PBS)
26 CBUF (SRC)                       11 KSTW (UPN)
32 VTV (Ind.)                       12 KVOS (Ind.)
                                    13 KCPQ (FOX)
                                    28 KAYU (FOX)
                                    31 WUHF (FOX)
                                    56 WTVS (PBS)
                                    WXYZ (ABC)

Channel listings are in chronological order, newest first.

Cable systems listed: Vancouver, Agassiz/Harrison Springs, Campbell River, Chilliwack/Sardis, Courtenay/Comox/Powell River, Cranbrook (Shaw), Delta, Duncan/Lake Cowichan, Hope, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo/Ladysmith/Parksville, North Burnaby, North Van/ West Van, Port Alberni, Prince George, Sunshine Coast, Surrey/Langley, New Westminster, Victoria (Royal Oak), Victoria (Shaw), White Rock.



 2 CBUT (CBC)                        4 KOMO (ABC)
 6 CHEK (CTV)                        5 KING (NBC)
 8 BCTV (CTV)                        7 KIRO (CBS)
10 GLOBAL                            9 KCTS (PBS)
26 CBUF (SRC)                       11 KSTW (UPN)
32 VTV (Ind.)                       12 KVOS
                                    13 KCPQ (Fox)
                                    56 WTVS (PBS)

Western British Columbia Edition


 -Vancouver-             -Seattle-             

 2 CBUT (CBC)            4 KOMO (ABC)         
 8 BCTV (CTV)            5 KING (NBC)                        
10 VU13 (Ind.)           7 KIRO (CBS)         
26 CBUFT (R.-C.)         9 KCTS (PBS)    
 -Victoria-              -Tacoma-              
 6 CHEK (CTV)           11 KSTW (Ind.)       
                        13 KCPQ (FBC)

12 KVOS (Ind.)


 -Vancouver-             -Bellingham-            -Tacoma-          

 2 CBUT (CBC)           12 KVOS (Ind.)          11 KSTW (Ind.)    
 8 BCTV (CTV)                                   13 KCPQ (FBC)    
10 VU13 (Ind.)           -Seattle-                         
26 CBUFT (R.-C.)                            
                         4 KOMO (ABC)                       
 -Victoria-              5 KING (NBC)        
                         7 KIRO (CBS)     
 6 CHEK (CTV)            9 KCTS (PBS)      


 -Vancouver-             -Bellingham-            -Tacoma-          

 2 CBUT (CBC)           12 KVOS (Ind.)          11 KSTW (Ind.)    
 8 BCTV (CTV)                                   13 KCPQ (FBC)    
10 CKVU (Ind.)           -Seattle-                         
26 CBUFT (R.-C.)                           
                         4 KOMO (ABC)                       
 -Victoria-              5 KING (NBC)   
                         7 KIRO (CBS)   
 6 CHEK (CTV)            9 KCTS (PBS)      


 -Vancouver-             -Bellingham-            -Tacoma-          

 2 CBUT (CBC)           12 KVOS (Ind.)          11 KSTW (Ind.)    
 8 BCTV (CTV)                                   13 KCPQ (Ind.)    
10 CKVU (Ind.)           -Seattle-                         
26 CBUFT (R.-C.)                            
                         4 KOMO (ABC)                       
 -Victoria-              5 KING (NBC)     
                         7 KIRO (CBS)   
 6 CHEK (CTV)            9 KCTS (PBS)      


 -Vancouver-             -Bellingham-            -Tacoma-          

 2 CBUT (CBC)           12 KVOS (Ind.)          11 KSTW (Ind.)    
 8 BCTV (CTV)                                   13 KCPQ (Ind.)    
21 CKVU (Ind.)           -Seattle-                         
26 CBUFT (R.-C.)                              
                         4 KOMO (ABC)                       
 -Victoria-              5 KING (NBC)      
                         7 KIRO (CBS)   
 6 CHEK (CTV)            9 KCTS (PBS)      



 2 CBUT (CBC)           12 KVOS-TV (CBS)        11 KSTW-TV (Ind.)
10 CABL (Van)           SEATTLE

VICTORIA                 4 KOMO-TV (ABC)
                         5 KING-TV (NBC)
                         9 KCTS-TV (PBS)

In addition to the listings herein, Ch. 9 schedules classroom programs
throughout the broadcast day. 


For programs on 3 Chilliwack, 4 Port Alberni, 7 Ucluelet, 9 Courtenay,
9 Hope, 11 Squamish, 13 Bowen Island see: 2.  On 2 Port Alice, 3 Camp
Woss, 3 Port Hardy, 4 Holberg, 5 Sointula, 7 Alta Lake, 7 Newcastle
Ridge, 9 Kokish, 6 Nimpkish, 6 Victoria, 9 Pemberton see: 6.  On 3 Bowen
Island, 3 Brackendale, 6 Ucluelet, 7 Squamish, 11 Chilliwack, 11 Port
Renfrew, 13 Courtenay see: 8.


VANCOUVER, B.C.         TACOMA                  
 2 CBUT (CBC)           11 KTNT-TV (Ind.)        (3) Chilliwack     |
 8 CHAN-TV (CTV)        13 KTVW (Ind.)           (4) Port Alberni   |
10 Cable Television                              (7) Ucluelet       |
                        For programs on:  See:   (9) Courtenay      |  2
VICTORIA                                         (9) Hope           |
                         (2) Port Alice   |     (11) Squamish       |
 6 CHEK-TV (CTV, CBC)    (3) Camp Woss    |     (13) Bowen Island   |
                         (3) Port Hardy   |
BELLINGHAM, WASH.        (4) Holberg      |      (3) Bowen Island   |
                         (5) Sointula     |      (3) Brackendale    |
12 KVOS-TV (CBS)         (6) Nimpkish     |  6   (6) Ucluelet       |
                         (7) Alta Lake    |      (7) Squamish       |  8
SEATTLE                  (7) Newcastle    |     (11) Chilliwack     |
                             Ridge        |     (11) Port Renfrew   |
 4 KOMO-TV (ABC)         (9) Kokish       |     (13) Courtenay      |
 5 KING-TV (NBC)        (10) Pemberton    |

Classroom programs are telecast during school hours on Channel 9.


                                    For those who watch:   listings for:
 2 CBUT (CBC) 747 BUTE ST. (5)
 8 CHAN-TV (CTV) Box 4700 (3)        (3) Chilliwack, CBUT-2        \
                                     (4) Port Alberni, CBUT-3      |
VICTORIA                             (7) Ucluelet, CBUT-7          |
                                     (9) Courtenay, CBUT-1         >  2
 6 CHEK-TV (CTV, CBC) 3693 EP-       (9) Hope, CBUT-6              |
   SOM DRIVE                        (11) Squamish, CBUT-5          |
                                    (13) Bowen Island, CBUT-4      /

 4 KOMO-TV (ABC) FOURTH &            (3) Bowen Island, CHAN-TV2    \
   DENNY WAY 98109                   (3) Brackendale, CHAN-TV5     |
 5 KING-TV (NBC) 320 AURORA          (6) Ucluelet, CHAN-TV1        |
   AVE. N. 98109                     (7) Squamish, CHAN-TV3        >  8
 7 KIRO-TV (CBS) 1530 QUEEN         (11) Chilliwack, CHAN-TV1      |
   ANNE AVENUE N. 98109             (11) Port Renfrew, CHAN-TV1    |
 9 KCTS-TV (NET) UNIVERSITY         (13) Courtenay, CHAN-TV4       /
                                     (2) Port Alice, CKPA-TV1      \
TACOMA                               (3) Port Hardy, CFKB-TV3      |
                                     (3) Camp Woss, CFNV-TV1       |
11 KTNT-TV (IND.) 11TH & GRANT       (5) Sointula, CFKB-TV4        >  6
   98405                             (6) Nimpkish, CFNV-TV2        |
13 KTVW-TV (IND.) 5544 N. 35TH       (7) Kelsey Bay, CFKB-TV1      |
   ST. 98407                         (9) Kokish, CFKB-TV2          /



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