Blue Ridge Neighborhood Weather Station

Bellevue, Nebraska

Current weather updated every 5 minutes.

Current conditions at Blue Ridge as of 10:15pm CT on 06/22/17
Temperature Dew Point Relative Humidity
NOW80.5 °F NOW68.5 °F NOW67 %
MAX92.3 °F / 4:12pm MAX76.0 °F / 7:00pm MAX71 % / 7:11pm
MIN73.1 °F / 7:12am MIN60.0 °F / 6:30am MIN47 % / 4:03pm
Wind Speed Barometer Precipitation
NOWN (360°)
0.0 mph
NOW29.620 in
Rising Rapidly
NOW0.00 in
Storm Total: 0.00 in
MAX19.0 mph / 4:11am MAX29.651 in / 12:21am NOWRain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
AVGLast 10 min: 2.0 mph MIN29.520 in / 5:49pm MAXRain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
Wind Chill Heat Index Soil Temperature
NOW80.5 °F NOW83.1 °F NOW4" Depth: 78.0 °F
MIN73.0 °F / 6:30am MAX101.0 °F / 4:02pm NOW8" Depth: 76.0 °F
Sunrise Sunset Moon Phase
NOW 5:52am NOW 9:01pm NOWNew Moon

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Monthly Blue Ridge Extremes:

Temperature96.3 °F 52.9 °F
Dew Point77.0 °F 46.0 °F
Barometer30.073 in 29.387 in
Heat Index/Wind Chill107.0 °F 53.0 °F
Wind Speed38.0 mph
Precipitation 2.22 in

Yearly Blue Ridge Extremes:

Temperature96.3 °F 35.0 °F
Dew Point77.0 °F 29.0 °F
Barometer30.247 in 28.994 in
Heat Index/Wind Chill107.0 °F 30.0 °F
Wind Speed43.0 mph
Precipitation 17.64 in

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Here is the Sarpy County zone forecast,
issued by the National Weather Service at Omaha/Valley, NE.

The weather observations above were made with a
Davis Instruments' Vantage Pro 2 and Weatherlink (version 6.0.3) software.
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