Bellevue, NE DX Photos

Channels 2-6

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Channel 2

Buffalo, NY
Jun. 25, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 899 miles
Houston, TX
Jun. 24, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 797 miles
Pittsburgh, PA
Jun. 17, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 792 miles
Lloydminster, AB
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1074 miles
Minnedosa, MB
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 667 miles
Thunder Bay, ON
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 613 miles
Greensboro, NC
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 941 miles
Charleston, SC
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1056 miles
Daytona Beach, FL
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1176 miles
Monterrey, NL
Jun. 11, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1096 miles
Dayton, OH
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 621 miles
Billings, MT
Jul. 14, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 707 miles
Spokane, WA
Jul. 25, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 1144 miles
St. Joseph, MO
Jun. 1, 2009
TROPO ANALOG 109 miles
Fredericksburg, TX
Jun. 16, 2007
2128 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 773 miles
Utica, NY
Jul. 14, 2006
2226 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1083 miles
New York, NY
May 17, 2006
1725 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1143 miles
(Program 1)
Las Vegas, NV
Jul. 10, 2004
1135 CT
E-SKIP DTV 1088 miles
North Platte, NE
Jul. 8, 2004
1815 CT
TROPO ANALOG 251 miles
Nashville, TN
Jul. 6, 2004
1624 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 602 miles
Lethbridge, AB
Jun. 20, 2004
2059 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1014 miles
Flagstaff, AZ
May 26, 2004
2019 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 947 miles
Columbia, NC
May 26, 2004
1957 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1116 miles
(Program 1)
Cleveland, OH
May 12, 2004
0801 CT
E-SKIP DTV 740 miles
Baltimore, MD
May 12, 2004
0725 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1023 miles
Santa Fe, NM
Aug. 17, 2003
1129 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 701 miles
Baton Rouge, LA
Jul. 3, 2003
1200 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 792 miles
Atlanta, GA
Apr. 10, 2003
2058 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 811 miles
Midland, TX
Jul. 11, 2001
1800 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 716 miles
Boise, ID
Jul. 9, 2001
1329 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1044 miles
Charleston, SC
Jun. 27, 2001
1335 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1056 miles
Dozier, AL
Jun. 25, 2001
1429 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 846 miles
Salt Lake City, UT
Jun. 17, 2001
2228 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 849 miles
Houston, TX
May 25, 2001
1649 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 797 miles
St. Paul, MN
Aug. 10, 2000
2208 CT
TROPO ANALOG 309 miles
Klamath Falls, OR
Jun. 6, 2000
2159 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1327 miles
Reno, NV
Jun. 5, 2000
2035 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1260 miles
Merida, YU
May 1, 2000
1802 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1445 miles


Channel 3

(Program 1)
Roanoke, VA
Jun. 26, 2009
E-SKIP DTV 885 miles
Barrie, ON
Jun. 20, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 853 miles
Cleveland, OH
Jun. 17, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 738 miles
Philadelphia, PA
Jun. 17, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1085 miles
Shreveport, LA
Jun. 16, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 591 miles
Winnipeg, MB
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 605 miles
Charlotte, NC
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 892 miles
Omaha, NE
Jun. 12, 2009


Channel 4

Greenville, SC
Jun. 26, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 833 miles
New York, NY
Jun. 17, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1143 miles
Lloydminster, AB
Jun. 13, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1074 miles
San Antonio, TX
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 828 miles
Moose Jaw, SK
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 803 miles
Chapel Hill, NC
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 991 miles
Torreon, COAH
Jun. 11, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1161 miles
Buffalo, NY
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 896 miles
Sioux City, IA
Mar. 3, 2009
TROPO ANALOG 105 miles
Boise, ID
May 31, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 1044 miles
Jacksonville, FL
Jul. 26, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 1098 miles
Washington, DC
Jul. 8, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 1007 miles
Salt Lake City, UT
Jun. 2, 2007
2141 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 850 miles
Lander, WY
Jun. 2, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 666 miles
Kansas City, MO
Jul. 27, 2004
2117 CT
TROPO ANALOG 156 miles
Spokane, WA
Aug. 10, 2003
2008 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1142 miles
Rock Island, IL
Jul. 19, 2003
1300 CT
TROPO ANALOG 285 miles
Manteo, NC
Jun. 20, 2003
1359 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1138 miles
Oak Hill, WV
Jun. 20, 2003
1359 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 816 miles
St. Louis, MO
Aug. 30, 2000
0630 CT
TROPO ANALOG 347 miles
El Paso, TX
Jul. 2, 2000
1859 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 870 miles
Cedar City, UT
Jun. 7, 2000
2032 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 948 miles
Calgary, AB
Jun. 7, 2000
1905 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1109 miles
Butte, MT
Jun. 5, 2000
1759 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 893 miles


Channel 5

(Program 1)
Hastings, NE
Jun. 17, 2009
TROPO DTV 132 miles
Weslaco, TX
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1038 miles
Raleigh, NC
Jun. 12, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1012 miles
Syracuse, NY
Jul. 10, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 1024 miles
Great Falls, MT
Jul. 3, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 879 miles
Henderson, NV
Jun. 12, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 1088 miles
Prince Albert, SK
May 30, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 948 miles
Gainesville, FL
May 30, 2008
E-SKIP ANALOG 1094 miles
Charleston, SC
Jul. 26, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 1057 miles
Calgary, AB
Jul. 26, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 1111 miles
Bristol, VA
Jul. 10, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 810 miles
Toronto, ON
Jul. 7, 2007
E-SKIP ANALOG 862 miles
Ames, IA
Aug. 2, 2004
1701 CT
TROPO ANALOG 130 miles
North Pole, NY
Jun. 10, 2004
2205 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1150 miles
Salt Lake City, UT
Jun. 14, 2003
1918 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 851 miles
Phoenix, AZ
Jun. 7, 2000
2159 CT
E-SKIP ANALOG 1036 miles


Channel 6

Davenport, IA
Jun. 26, 2009
TROPO ANALOG 284 miles
New Orleans, LA
Jun. 26, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 839 miles
Deseronto, ON
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 980 miles
Philadelphia, PA
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1085 miles
Columbus, OH
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 681 miles
Richmond, VA
Jun. 1, 2009
E-SKIP ANALOG 1013 miles
Austin, MN
Mar. 17, 2009
TROPO ANALOG 225 miles
Omaha, NE
Feb. 17, 2009


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