TV Guide Edition History

This page contains a historical look at the channels listed in the different geographic editions of TV Guide magazine that have been printed in the US and Canada, back when local content appeared in the magazine. I have alphabetized the list mainly by the geographic unit in the edition name (e.g., South Georgia is under G), or by the cable company when the edition contains its name (e.g., Adelphia Shenandoah is under A). Click a range of letters below to go directly to all editions beginning with those letters.

In almost all editions, I have listed only the over-the-air stations and not the cable channels. The year listed immediately after the edition name corresponds to the most recent channel listings on that edition's page; the other years listed at the end of the row are also available on the edition page. An (L) after a year indicates logos featured from an issue of that year without its listings.

Editions with alphanumeric codes in parentheses after the edition name are the same that appear at the bottom of the actual listings pages.

Total number of editions 301. Total number of TV station logos 1,907.